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Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing, if not the fastest growing, area of IT right now.In addition,  Threats on the market are enormous and that make the enterprises facing a challenge to accept security solutions for their organization.

By assessing the requirements and resources we will provide solution(s) to adopt and adapt cybersecurity solution out there on the market.


Digituss services of IT Infrastructure Consulting and Integration.Digituss’s IT infrastructure consulting services group offers vendors with neutral consulting to assist customers in taking the most appropriate IT infrastructure related decision. Implementing Network, Giving Internet related solution, Setting up Server, Software licensing, Maintain Desktop , laptops and printer, Sourcing IT related items. 

Our designers create intuitive, user friendly, emotionally satisfying and visually stunning digital products and services. They work from first concept sketches to fully realized UI architecture, user flows and visual identity. Seamless collaboration with developers and business delivers concrete results fast to market and to your customers, while maximising the commercial impact of the service and minimising waste in the development process.

Service design 

Our designers have very concrete ways of finding the primary touch points that contribute to how customers experience your product or service. Working closely with the business needs, we are able to map out the customer journey to identity critical points where the service must perform, as well as gaps and opportunities for innovation. Over a thousand completed projects have taught us a thing or two about how and where to find real insight into customer behaviour. Getting out of the office and stepping into the customer’s shoes is second nature for us.

The same design team quickly translates these insights into concrete concept prototypes, allowing us to collect feedback from customers and stakeholdersat a very early stage.

User interface and visual design

The seamless interaction between our designers and developers ensures a very rapid build of the service's features, functionality and visual look and feel. It also guarantees easier implementation and reduces the risk of expensive changes later in the development.

Our methods and tools include, but are not limited to:

  • End user interviews, observation and shadowing
  • End user insight 
  • Storytelling and opportunity area development
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Co-creation workshop/facilitation
  • Scenario roleplaying
  • Sketches, paper prototypes and working click-through models
  • End user design evaluation workshop/facilitation

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Digituss System & Technology is a knowledge sharing website tries to deliver information technology practitioner's solutions for all sort of businesses. We try to propose and offer available IT solution and technologies in real and practical situations.

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